Journey to Tour de Bronx Part 1: Signing Up

By Amy Vega-Guobadia

Getting fit is not an easy thing to do especially when I spent so many years stationary. I’ve tired to start and restart healthy living many time and I would fail after only two weeks. It is so easy to say you are going to be active and healthy. It is even easier not to do anything. Getting some backs (usually unhealthy) and sitting in front of the TV or computer seemed so relaxing to me. That’s exactly how the extra pounds started adding on. Sometimes I would say to myself just one more shoe and then I will so some chores or that workout DVD. Unfortunately, I would sit there and keep snacking. I would frequently snack right up until bedtime. Not good. Of course this lack of moment greatly impacted my children’s lives. Sometimes it is very difficult to keep up with them on the playground. They are so full of energy and all mommy wants to do is sit down. That’s not any fun for anyone.
This pass July, I restarted my health kick with the hope to stay on track. I spent may years lost in front of a screen. Healthy living is not something that happens overnight; I had to start somewhere. Over the last three months I learned about calorie intake and output, portion control and triggers for eating behaviors. Once I took in and processed al the information, my excess weight seem to start melting off. As a reward when I reached the 15 lbs lost mark. I cut my hair and signed up for my very first biking tour, Tour de Bronx.
The haircut was expected by most but the Tour de Bronx was not. A biking tour? Yes, biking tour! Since I have done such as great job heading towards a healthier life style for my family, and me I wanted to push myself to reach one of my many fitness goals. There is no time like the present to start working on those goals. In the weeks leading to the tour, I am going to be sharing with you my journey to the Tour de Bronx.
I am very excited that I am going to be apart of New York Stat’s largest free bicycling event. I signed up for the 25-mile tour and I hope next year I’ll sign up for the 40-mile tour. Let the journey begin!

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