This spring even I found myself sneezing and sniffling more than usual, and I’ve always thought that allergies don’t affect me.  So since I was given the opportunity to talk about ways that I keep my home stylish and allergy friendly-I figured it would be a perfect topic to share with readers!

I have to admit before I had my daughter, my decor was a bit more cluttered. I would get overwhelmed with all of the cool things you can display and have out, and I’d create a magnet for dust. But, now I’m with the less is more-and not only does it look fabulous when you walk into a room that has very little clutter, it also is allergy friendly! My bedroom is very simple and elegant, hardly anything on the dresser-you want your bedroom to invite sleep, not stress-and definitely not allergies!

As far as my apartment, I sometimes get a little OCD because we live on the first floor and I feel like the first floor gets really dusty. Also, there’s no step into my house, you just walk on in. So, I have a no shoe rule. Of course if I’m entertaining and having guests over I know I’m going to have to mop the next day anyway, so I don’t make them take off their fabulous shoes-but for everyday  normal living-take the shoes off!

For more great tips from HGTV designer (and long time allergy sufferer!) Sabrina Soto, visit the Claritin Fan page. She has some really fun tips on designing indoor and outdoor space, and doing so with allergies in mind.

What are your tips? What works for those of you with wood floors? Those that have carpet? Share your ideas here!

For more tips on relieving allergies visit I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

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