Autism Parent Support Group at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital

Topic: Legal Advocacy for Children with Autism

This month Autism Speaks will be hosting a special education legal attorney at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. Parents are encouraged to come with questions and their IEP’s if they are concerned with any legal issues. A developmental pediatrician, pediatric neurologist, pediatric social workers (all specializing in autism) will also be in attendance.

Monday, January 10th

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
Department of Pediatrics
1650 Selwyn Avenue, Suite 6D
Bronx, NY 10457

The group is free and open to the public.

For more information, visit, or contact Alexandra Meis, Project Coordinator at (718) 590-1800 x. 6653.


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  1. Good Morning..hope you are well…I am in dire of need of assistance my sons and I, one whom is 5 and has Autism, will be homeless as of tomorrow, saturday november 17th…i am at my wits end. we are originally from NY, moved south 5 years ago and had no luck down there with help for my Billy ( he is the one with autism), and jobs were terrible. A friend in Bronx offered for my 2 sons and I to stay at her mothers place since she was in the hospital for depression and was going to be there a long time and would allow us to get settled and me to find work and get our own place, but her mother has made a recovery and they are sending her home where her two sisters and live in aid will be and we can no longer be here. I called the church, relatives, I dont have other friends here, but noone can help. I know the city has shelters but they are crowded and not guaranteed space. I do not know what else to do! We need a place to rent weekly perhaps a room or apartment or basement even anything. I can not have my little Billy subjected to this I am crying over this because he doesn’t deserve to be homeless like this. And the City is no help. Please I beg if there is a place to get help for a small family with a child with autism please tell me we dont have much time sadly. I looked for rooms to rent or weekly apartments or spaces but came up empty. if you can assist or direct me to a place we can go would be ever grateful! My eldest son is 19 and took off college for one year to help us get sorted he has been watching his brother while I work … Billy does not speak at all and it breaks my heart to have him live this way right now. again any assistance or point me into the right direction would help…

    Thank you and God Bless!


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