January 5, 2011

BronxMama named one of Top 10 Local NYC Blogs in 2010

BronxMama is very excited to be named in the Top Ten Local New York City Blogs of 2010 by MommyPoppins! Thank you Mommy Poppins! And thanks to all of our awesome BronxMamas and Papas who check out this site daily and contribute ideas, events, and other resources to the parents of the Bronx. Let’s make 2011 another productive and amazing year with lots of giveaways and fun events!

Bronx Museum to Present Work of Elizabeth Catlett and 21

The Bronx Museum will present the work of pioneering African American artist Elizabeth Catlett in the exhibition Stargazers: Elizabeth Catlett in Conversation with 21 Contemporary Artists, which opens on January 27 –– on the eve of Black History Month.  The exhibition explores Catlett’s work and the influence she has had on the generations of artists who have followed her. A painter, sculptor, printmaker, teacher, and activist, Catlett’s work focuses on African

Letter from a BronxMama: Keeping our Children Warm

Dear readers, My name is Nadia and I am a proud mother of Brenton, 7 months. I would like to discuss the topic of us keeping our children warm. It now has been, and about to get very cold. It is so important to keep our kids warm. I use the rain cover on the stroller at all times, just to try to help to keep the cold out. My