Snowed In

By now the kids have already enjoyed building snowmen and making igloos in the white snow-which is starting to turn to slush, and a lot of you are probably starting to get bored staying in the house. But with a  lot of the streets not even plowed yet, its not the best idea to go too far, especially with the little ones. BronxMama just wants to remind you of some of the little things you can do near your house:

Go to your local library– A lot of the libraries have scheduled story times and other programs that you and your children can join. You can check out books, but don’t forget most libraries have movies you can check out too. They won’t be the newest releases, but sometimes its cool to discover an old flick. Check out the website and find the library closest to you.

Visit your nearest Blockbuster-There aren’t too many of these left, but if you happen to live close to one-make the most out of being snowed in by renting some movies to watch with the family. They also have games you can rent for that new PlayStation or Xbox Santa just brought for Christmas.

Take a walk to the nearest diner/cafe for some hot chocolate– Sometimes a walk up the block to get some fresh air is all you really need. If you just walk up the block to a nearby diner or cafe, or even Dunkin Donuts to get some hot chocolate with the little ones, it can be a fun adventure climbing over piles of snow knowing you don’t have to go far to be back in your warm living room.


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