Organize your holiday gift ideas with Rightcliq



How many Christmas lists, emails with links, or other scribbles of ideas for gifts have you done this year-only to forget about it the next day? I know I’m horrible with this- and not just for Christmas. I find something I like and try to make note of it somehow-but always to no avail. Well, I just discovered my new favorite thing- RightCliq. Seriously! I am so happy that Christian from RightCliq contacted me and asked me to share this with BronxMama readers-because it is now permanently an open window in my browser. Here’s a short description of it:

Rightcliq is a new online shopping tool that lets you gather all the things you’ve had your eye on in a centralized visual place called a Wishspace. But its about more than just staying organized. It also has a suite of offers to help you save this holiday season. The best part? Once you’ve downloaded Rightcliq, the offers will automatically appear under your toolbar as you do your holiday shopping. With Rightcliq at your fingertips, it’s a snap to collect, compare, and save on the perfect gift for everyone on your list. See for yourself at

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