Southern Boulevard Thanksgiving Sale

Seventeen merchants along Southern Boulevard between E. 174th Street and Westchester Avenue will kicked off a Thanksgiving Sale and Raffle Event on November 20th.  On November 26th, Black Friday, there will be a unique multi-store “roving” raffle, where prizes will be given away at different store locations every 30 minutes.

This exciting sale and roving raffle event is one way in which Southern Boulevard business owners are giving back to their community. Sales circular coupons and raffle entry cards are being distributed at participating stores, listed further below.

The Southern Boulevard Thanksgiving Week promotional event is part of a broader effort to promote economic development and support small businesses in Crotona East/Morrisania.  In 2009, the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco), a Bronx-based non-profit community organization, built an award-winning 128-unit Energy Star certified affordable housing development. Their Intervale Green development brought 380 new residents to the neighborhood who, along with long-time area residents, can play an important role in keeping local businesses open.

As stated by Kerry A. McLean, WHEDco’s Community Development Project Manager, “As new developments are being built, it is important that residents can buy what they need, including groceries, clothing and services, in their own neighborhoods. At the same time, this is a crucial engine to bring income to small businesses, helping them remain open, expand and create new jobs in the community.”

The Southern Boulevard Thanksgiving Sale demonstrates an increased momentum among Crotona East small businesses who want their shopping district to one day match that of other popular shopping destinations.

Businessman JB Ceesay of JB Collection clothing store states, “I don’t mind giving discounts and prizes, because when customers come in to pick up one item, I know they might keep coming back.”

The Southern Boulevard Thanksgiving Sale and Raffle Event is being sponsored by 15 members of the growing Southern Boulevard Merchant Association, in collaboration with WHEDco. Shop locally and win prizes at participating Southern Boulevard stores between 174th Street and Westchester Avenue this Thanksgiving season:

  1. Sol’s Pharmacy #1, 1070 Southern Blvd. @ Westchester Ave.
  2. Nature’s Garden, 1083 Southern Blvd. @ E 167th St.
  3. JB Collection, 1085 Southern Blvd. @ E. 167th St.
  4. Ceesay Department Store, 1089 Southern Blvd. @ E. 167th St.
  5. Stephanie’s Pet Center, 1091 Southern Blvd. @ E. 167th St.
  6. Carless Enterprises (Printing), 1111 Southern Blvd. @ E. 167th St.
  7. 99c General Discount, 1156 Southern Blvd. @ Home St.
  8. Ya-Rabi Inc Street Wear, 1158 Southern Blvd. @ Home St.
  9. Rolando’s TV & Electronics Repair, 1208 Southern Blvd. @ Freeman St.
  10. Unique Smile Dental, 1245 Southern Blvd. @ Freeman St.
  11. Santurce Electrical Supply, 1319 Southern Blvd. @ Jennings St.
  12. Berkis Beauty Center, 1357 Southern Blvd. @ Jennings St.
  13. American Boulevard Auto Supply, 911 Jennings @ Southern Blvd.
  14. Sol’s Pharmacy #2, 1515 Southern Blvd. @ E. 172nd St.
  15. Western Beef Supermarket, 1564 Southern Blvd. @ E. 173rd St.
  16. La Flaca Beauty Salon, 1668 Southern Blvd. @ E. 174th St.
  17. Da Bakery Shop and Gallery, 1710 Southern Blvd. @ E. 174th St.


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