BronxMama Review: Kids in Motion OT, PLLC

By BronxMama Lisa Quinones-Fontanez

When my son, Norrin, was diagnosed with autism in 2008, I struggled to find services that would meet his needs. In May 2009, when I wanted to incorporate a sensory gym into Norrin’s IEP, I worried one couldn’t be found in the Bronx. I was more than thrilled to have found one in Riverdale: Kids in Motion, a pediatric occupational therapy sensory gym. The occupational therapists at Kids in Motion use play to develop fine and gross motor skills. The gym features a rock wall, trampolines, several swings and cubbies filled with board games, puzzles, toys and more; the therapists are innovative and imaginative in their activities for the children.
The therapists are licensed by the state of New York and each have more than 12 years of experience working in school, hospital and clinic based settings. But aside from their wealth of experience, they are nurturing individuals who love what they do and truly care about the children and families.
It’s also a place where Norrin can work on his social skills, as the therapists often incorporate turn taking, sharing and age appropriate play between the children in the room. Norrin has made one significant friendship as a result from his time at Kids in Motion. It is a place where I know my child is safe and where I can meet other Bronx parents who are always willing to share their experience and knowledge.
There is also a speech pathologist and pediatric physical therapist available on site. Please note that all (OT, PT and speech) sessions are available by appointment only. They are located at 2735 Henry Hudson Pkway. W. Suite 102, Bronx, NY 10463-4701. For more information – please call (718) 601-7400 or email:

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  1. My daughter went to this gym for O.T. for 4 months.and the therapist did not take a liking to her. I know my daughter can be stubborn and challenging, but I know that the mark of a good therapist is one that can find ways AROUND the resistance – other techniques than going head on. The head O.T. therapist at the facility could not and so she told us today that she had to let my daughter go. Now we are scrambling to find another therapist. Personally, I think that this therapist probably took a dislike to my daughter, and that effected the whole therapeutic relationship. I know there are very few sensory gyms in the Bronx, but I would NOT recommend this gym to ANYONE who cares about their child.


    1. you should send her to the rebecca school.


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