On October 28, The Bronx Museum of the Arts will unveil a new large-scale painting created by Mexican artist Bosco Sodi for the Museum’s exhibition Pangaea. The title of both the new work and the exhibition, Pangaea refers to the single landmass that existed 250 million years ago before the earth’s present-day continents formed. The six-panel, 13’ x 40’ painting at the centerpiece of the exhibition is an accumulation of scorched red-orange pigment and thick materials that form encrusted surfaces reminiscent of a volcanic landscape. Also on view in the exhibition is an additional large painting from the series, as well as a group of drawings that served as studies for Pangaea. The exhibition is on view in the South Wing Gallery II from October 28, 2010 through January 2, 2011.

Born in Mexico City in 1970, Sodi lived in Paris, Barcelona, and Berlin before arriving in New York, and maintains studios in Berlin, Barcelona, Mexico, and New York. Sodi creates works that explore the areas where nature and human merge and that seek the beauty behind destruction. His pieces impart a heightened sense of spirituality through materiality, while at the same time transcending material properties. As materials available vary among locations, each of his paintings is uniquely linked to the place in which it is created; Pangaea was painted in the artist’s New York studio.

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BronxMama recommends this exhibit for BronxMamas and Papas and their older children.


  1. Thanks for your support!! The show is really striking and the opening should be a lot of fun – I hope you’re planning on coming!
    Cheers, Lauren
    The Bronx Museum of the Arts


    1. Yes! I’m a full time student so my time is limited but I definitely plan on coming to checking it out! So awesome!


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