BronxMama Review: Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs

Recently BronxMama was invited to the awesome  Tutankhamun exhibit at the Times Square Discovery Center. Daughter Briana and friends Alexis and her daughter Kaylis joined in. Read more to find out what we thought of it!

Being that Briana and Kaylis are young (4 and under), we weren’t sure how they would handle the exhibit. We were given audio tour devices-which kept Briana entertained while looking at the different displays. Briana loved running around finding the number that corresponded to each display and pressing the buttons on the device to hear more. Definitely recommend the audio tour.

Being that we all had little ones with us at the event, we didn’t spend too much time in each room. So unless you know your little one is good at letting you take your time to read each and every description- it’s probably not a good idea to bring the younger children with small attention spans.

At the end of the event the kids had a lot of fun participating in a chariot race-two teams decorated their own chariots and raced them (Briana’s team won!). I’d say this was Briana’s favorite part of the day.

Overall- BronxMama recommends this exhibit for the older children, ones who can appreciate the awesome story of King Tut and wants to hear your explanation of what each display case entails. The younger ones might find entertainment with the audio devices, but don’t expect to be able to stop at every single item. What about babies? If you catch them around naptime-this could actually be the perfect place to stop: it’s super dark inside! Let baby sleep while mommy and/or daddy enjoys! *Note: Strollers are not allowed inside the exhibit, but if baby sometimes sleeps in a carrier this is perfect.

But! There is an awesome event at the exhibit coming up in October that BronxMama readers should definitely take advantage of being that it is completely kid friendly!



A holiday weekend celebrating great discoveries awaits with free family-friendly activities to complement exhibition visits, including:

  • Egyptian-themed face painting for children
  • Mummy wrapping
  • Hieroglyphic writing
  • Kid friendly games, stories and hand-outs

A Discovery Explorer’s Pass includes all-day exhibition access and premium activities ($25 for children ages 4-12; free activity access for accompanying adults with exhibition tickets), including:

  • “Uncovering Treasure” – Following the story of how a young boy discovered King Tut’s tomb almost by accident, families will learn the secrets of the archeologists’ trade and join DTSX’s first ever archeological dig
  • “A Gift for the Pharaoh” – In this hand-on arts & craft workshop, kids will create their own priceless “artifacts” to keep or to give to the important “pharaoh” in his or her life
  • “Pharaoh’s Family Feud” – Families test their knowledge in this fast-paced game of quick reflexes and memory based on their exhibition visit
  • “Chariot” Races – In honor of the newest artifact in the exhibition, King Tut’s chariot, children join a race team, design and decorate “chariots” and work together to help their driver cross the finish line in this fun-filled modern take on an ancient sport

For more info and to buy tickets, visit

*BronxMama Note: There is also a 3D film that we weren’t able to catch. If you’ve seen it-add a comment!

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