BronxMama Review: Bronx Dance Theatre

By: BronxMama Amy Guobadia

The fall semester at Bronx Dance Theatre began on September 11 and my dancers can’t wait. This will be my daughter’s, Becky, 2nd year at BDT and my son’s, Alex, 1st full year. Last year Becky took Ballet and Hip-Hop for the summer. Alex started off in the summer with Creative Moment. Starting Saturday, Becky will be continuing with Ballet and Alex will be taking Pre-Ballet/Tap Combo. Alex is already walking around the apartment in his tap shoes.
My experience as a newbie parent to BDT has been great. The staff has always been friendly and willing to answer any question you may have. They gave me tips on the flow things there so that I wouldn’t be lost.
This summer Becky had her first recital. The recital, Out of the Books: Into the Dance, was held at Lehman High School. She performed in the “The Wizard of Oz” portion of the program. She was so light on her feet. She was nervous the days leading up to the big event. She did not let it deter her during the show. The entire recital was amazing. I was able to see my daughter’s future at BDT within the advance students’ performances.
Alex’s first day of summer session at BDT he was impatience and upset. He was somewhat used to going to BDT but not for himself. He didn’t understand why he needed to be fitted for ballet shoes and why he had to wear different clothes. Many tears later… he understood he needs to go in that room and Becky was going into another. As soon as the door opened he left mommy in the dust. It was so cute to see him, dressed in black, in a sea of pink. The teacher for Alex’s class said that he did a good job during the entire summer session. The staff is very patient with the younger students. They are able to get the kids up and shaking their tails. Alex (a preschool with disabilities) was able to integrate himself very well in class with little to no distractions.  Every time I asked him if he had fun he exclaimed, “I had FUN!”
I am looking forward to seeing my dancers up on the stage in the next recital in June.

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