Where to host a pony birthday in the Bronx

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Looking for a place to ride ponies in the Bronx? If you’re looking for ideas for an outdoor birthday party, we’ve got a fun but simple suggestion- the Bronx Equestrian Center. A few years back we celebrated my oldest daughter Briana’s 4th birthday there, and it was such a fun party for all of the kids who attended.


A party at the Bronx Equestrian Center includes two hours in a small cute red barn with an hour of pony rides for $300. No balloons or pinatas are permitted. Located inside the barn you’ll find a fridge and tables and chairs. Parties are limited to 15 kids, and trail rides and hay rides are also available to add on to your party package.



For our party, we went with a neutral cowboy/cowgirl theme with cowboy hats, bandannas, pony necklace crafts, and other fun goodies from Oriental Trading.


It’s a no frills kind of party- we brought our own food, cake, decor, and activities. But, one of our guests liked the party so much she ended up having her party there too, and the kids were able to enjoy it all over again. So if you think your little cowboy or cowgirl would love it, visit www.bronxequestriancenter.com for more information.


  1. Do they have an indoor party area for the colder months? My child’s bday falls on December.


    1. The rental includes a small barn with a refrigerator, tables, and chairs. The barn has no heat, so I think this place is just good for nice weather months.


  2. thank god for reviews…thank you for posting lol
    How was the service? the reviews I have read are scary just wondering if it’s a different experience for a party.

    do you have more pictures of the party room? would love to see more of the layout and horses if you have them


    1. Emailing you now with more photos and info.


      1. Hello thank you for this post I am so excited to have found this I’m planning my daughters third party and I’m definitely thinking of doing this for her party do you think it’s possible to get some pictures so I can get an idea of the barn and what it looks like thank you sooo much


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