Ferry Point Park in the Bronx

Looking for a park to ride bikes or grill at in the Bronx? Ferry Point Park in the Bronx is one of our favorite parks we frequent. While it might not have a playground, it’s become our very own backyard to explore. Many people who visit Ferry Point go to BBQ, play soccer, cricket, or ride bikes up and down the trails. But it’s also such a unique place to explore.

It’s my favorite park to bring my hammock and enjoy the water and city view.

It’s also got plenty of good trees for climbing.

The trails don’t go far, but they make you feel as though you’ve transported to a large backyard in the country.

It’s the perfect place to ride bikes and scooters, or just walk along the water.

Ferry Point Park is located at 10 Hutchinson River Pkwy, Bronx, NY 10465. For more information, visit www.nycgovparks.org.

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